21 October 2009

The time has come..

..to reveal that (thanks to the random number generator) the winner of the Dark Tree giveaway is L'ESPERANCE! Thank you all for taking part, make sure you pop back soon for the next one :)

18 October 2009

Happy Sunday :)

Hello, my sunday has been very homely, with lots of sorting out stuff and clearing clutter. It has suddenly got so cold here that I have lost all desire to go outside, and snuggling at home with some nice wholesome meals and tea is just the best thing :)
I also just found out that Lulu made it to the Etsy front page again, so happy!
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend too, and don't forget to enter the Dark Tree giveaway if you haven't already xxx

8 October 2009


As a big thank you to all you guys for supporting The Dark Tree from the start (and for all your lovely messages and comments) I have decided to have a GIVEAWAY! You can have this beautiful 'Fifi' print as well as 3 mini prints featuring Jack and Jill, Jasper and Walter. All you have to do is leave a comment below the post before the 21st of October! Big hugs and good luck xxx

*Also don't forget, if you become a follower, or are a follower already, you will automatically be entered again so you will have even more chance of winning!*

27 September 2009


Another lovely treasury, lucky Genevieve

23 September 2009

The Ardent Sparrow

Thanks to the ardent sparrow for blogging about my little paintings, what a lovely pretty blog! Check it out here. On another note The Dark Tree has been woefully neglected by me of late, and I feel terrible.. I have been working on loads of other things some of which you can see here but I am determined to get my paints out and create some new little characters in the next couple of weeks, I am also thinking it's probably almost time for the first Dark Tree giveaway(!) so I will let you know about that soon, well bye for now... ♥

19 September 2009


Just some of the lovely treasuries my little bears have been in over the last few days, thanks lovely etsy people :D

2 September 2009

Clement is Gone

Off on a great adventure..

14 August 2009

Fifi the Celebrity (and another Front Page!)

Look at Fifi, posing as usual in another treasury (this one by KnotOriginal) what is she like? ;)

(Edit: Yay she made it to the front page again! 3rd time now for the Dark Tree, I feel so lucky!)

11 August 2009

Fred and Fidelia

Fred and Fidelia is one of my favorite paintings yet! I love cats and dogs (and little stripey hats!), and it reminds me of someone very special... x

10 August 2009

Edmund, Betsy, Stanley and Genevieve..

..are pleased to make your acquaintance

9 August 2009

Hurray Front Page!

My little Lulu has made it to the Etsy front page! It's the second time The Dark Tree has had this honor and i'm super happy :)

26 July 2009

The Larmer Tree Festival

My table of wares

3 July 2009

Koo and Poppet

The Dark Tree has had another little mention on the beautiful Koo and Poppet blog :)

1 July 2009

Penguin and Fish

The talented lady behind Penguin and Fish has written a lovely blog post about The Dark Tree, check it out here and also have a look at her wonderful blog and work while you're at it xxx

30 June 2009

How amazing is this beautiful treasury by loveartworks! My little Hazel bunny was super happy to be in such lovely company xx


Wow! the lovely people at the decor8 design blog have written a little feature on The Dark Tree! Check it out here!

28 June 2009

Happy and Sad

After a super busy week here are some of the brand new characters in my vintage toys series. Some look quite forlorn, and all are in need of loving homes x

25 June 2009

Wow Front Page!

Hello my lovelies,
I'm so excited my little Fifi made it to the front page on Etsy after just one day, and is now off to a new home so soon!

24 June 2009

Abandoned Toys

Here are the first paintings in my new series based on old, vintage and slightly worse for wear toys. All of the original paintings are now available in my etsy shop.. x