14 August 2009

Fifi the Celebrity (and another Front Page!)

Look at Fifi, posing as usual in another treasury (this one by KnotOriginal) what is she like? ;)

(Edit: Yay she made it to the front page again! 3rd time now for the Dark Tree, I feel so lucky!)

11 August 2009

Fred and Fidelia

Fred and Fidelia is one of my favorite paintings yet! I love cats and dogs (and little stripey hats!), and it reminds me of someone very special... x

10 August 2009

Edmund, Betsy, Stanley and Genevieve..

..are pleased to make your acquaintance

9 August 2009

Hurray Front Page!

My little Lulu has made it to the Etsy front page! It's the second time The Dark Tree has had this honor and i'm super happy :)